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STEAM On Tour is an engaging exploration of art masterpieces that connects great art and artists to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). This art integration (known as STEAM) encourages students and teachers to connect technical and creative content. STEAM On Tour employs art as a purposeful pathway to STEM topics to make famous artwork real-world relevant for today’s students.


on tour gallery display

Your On Tour Gallery includes 24 of the greatest works of art, reflecting significant periods and styles in the history of Western civilization. Each impressive print is custom-framed, high quality, and ready for display in your school. Each framed item is boxed securely and the Gallery is shipped directly to you from one of the world’s largest retailers of wall art.


The On Tour Guidebook encourages students to interact with the collection. You receive two copies of the Guidebook, with two pages devoted to each work of art. The first page introduces the artwork and reveals significant events and influences in the artist’s life. We see how traits such as personality, temperament and individuality shaped what we see on the canvas. STEAM activities make up the second page. The questions here encourage inquiry, interpretation, analysis and further investigation.

You will also receive a digital copy of the entire contents of the guidebook. You may edit, copy and distribute the content within your school building (see terms of use). You can customize the content to best meet the needs of any group of students.

guidebook sample page 1
guidebook sample page 2


Ronny Green

Dr. Ronny Green, the creator of STEAM On Tour, was improving schools long before school improvement became a thing. Ronny first conceived of tying great works of art to the curriculum as a school principal, some 35 years ago. Today Dr. Green is a Professor of Curriculum, Leadership and Technology, and has logged more than 700 visits to over 200 schools. During this time he noted the decline of art in schools and the growing emphasis on subject areas associated with STEM.

He revived and renewed his original idea for art integration and STEAM On Tour was born. Ronny researched the artwork, wrote the guidebook and called upon colleagues to review the content. His wife Delores served as an editor for the first edition. Working with his brother David, they assembled, framed and personally delivered the first set of prints to a local school. Ronny has graciously donated STEAM On Tour to the Educational Services Consortium, a not-for-profit foundation supporting school improvement and student success.